Golden Record is Dataspace’s record matching and deduplication technology

Data matching software news and updates

Golden Record updates for March 2021

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Big things happened with Golden Record in March!
Data matching software news and updates

Golden Record updates for February 2021

Golden Record made steady progress in February and we're on the cusp of some huge improvements to our capabilities. Check it out!

Golden Record Enhancements – January 2021

Golden Record enhancements implemented in January of 2021
Ben Taub presents Golden REcord data matching app at DNewTech

Golden Record Enhancements – December, 2020

Here are some of the enhancements we made to Golden Record in December of 2020. Check in every month as we continue to upgrade!
Golden Record at DNewTech on January 6th
Matching name data in a data warehouse chart

Why Data Matching is Critical to Data Warehousing Success

You need to merge your Schmutznicks: Matching is important to data warehousing when your data comes from multiple, unintegrated sources.

Dataspace at A2 New Tech: Part II

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We presented Golden Record, our cloud-hosted record matching technology at this month's A2 New Tech meeting. Here's a link!

GOLDEN RECORD – Virtual Presentation at A2 New Tech 10/20!

Join us for our presentation on GOLDEN RECORD at the October Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup!


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