Golden Record: the Latest Enhancements

Well, the GR team is hard at work and we’ve made progress! Here are some of the things we got done in January…

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: While Golden Record is easy to use, some customers have more complex needs. To help support these folks, we’re adding professional services to the Golden Record offerings. Given our parent company’s (Dataspace) long history in analytics and data warehousing, we’re prepared to offer clients a full range of services related to synchronizing data from various sources. For example, we can…
    • Load and integrate your systems and data sets in Golden Record
    • Define and test your data matching rules
    • Help you build data warehouses, data marts, and customer data platforms (CDPs) using Golden Record
    • Develop custom web and desktop applications built on top of your newly-integrated data
  • ADOPTED A SPOKESDOG: On the top left of this post you’ll find GR, our new spokesdog. His breed is… well, you probably get it. His speciality is retrieving matches from multiple systems! (too corny? Sorry)
  • BETA TEST CUSTOMERS: Perhaps most exciting of all, we’ve started discussions with two organizations who envision Golden Record saving them a ton of time. One of these is a very large charitable org needing to integrate person data from a variety of sources to store in their data warehouse. The other is a tech startup with a strong need to identify and link companies when they appear in multiple data sources and spreadsheets. If you’re interested in our beta test program, please reach out. It’s free!

Big things coming in the next few months. Stay tuned!!!