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New Golden Record Features (and More to Come)

It may be April first, but the progress we made in March was no joke! It was an exciting month for Golden Record, as we began onboarding for our free beta test period (Look for a more official announcement on that soon…) and added to our development team. 

Newly launched features:

While the biggest data-matching features from last month’s update are still in development, we rolled out others that are more than worthy of note:

  • As we add users to the system, security is crucial. In March we strengthened rules for creating account passwords in Golden Record.
  • We improved usability by rewriting warning messages across the platform to make it more clear when an action would be destructive to data.
  • We are thrilled to announce we completed the work to integrate derived columns into Golden Record’s data-matching capabilities! This paves the way for so many other great record matching and linking features to the system.
  • With derived columns functionality in place, we’ve already released basic Soundex functionality as well as a “remove spaces” feature

Newly launched webpages:

While the development team is heads-down in the code, our marketer continues to put up important info about Golden Record. Check out these new pages on our website:

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