We are data experts who needed a data matching tool, so we built one

Golden Record began with a data management consulting project for a large, nationally-recognized museum. The organization needed to make sense of data they had stored in nearly a dozen different systems, everything from donors, to visitors, to events, and more.

Our task was to build a data warehouse that would allow them to identify overlapping data and save them countless hours and dollars in the process. To do this, we needed a data matching tool that could efficiently determine two things: 1) when two or more records in any system referred to the same person (i.e. deduplication) and 2) when two or more records in multiple systems referred to the same person (i.e. matching). For example, was the donor, J Smith, the same as the John Smith, who attended our last fundraiser or the Jane Smith who bought from our online gift shop?

The resulting system turned out to be a huge success for our client, as well as a pre-alpha version of our SAAS data matching platform, Golden Record

GR the dog is overwhelmed by un-matched data