Data Privacy Compliance – You Need to Find People to Keep Them Private

Today, the world is undergoing a massive event: the implementation of data privacy laws. (And you thought this was another post about coronavirus, didn’t you?). Once the pandemic passes, data and legal professionals are going to have to return to figuring out data privacy compliance. Europe has GDPR , California has CCPA. and, in both cases, violators are subject to huge fines. And more are on the way. Over the next few years, we’ll be required to comply with a variety of state, national, and international privacy regulations.

Each of these laws provides consumers with rights, like the right to be forgotten and the right to know where and how your data is used.

If yours is like like most organizations I’ve worked with, customer and person data is stored in an array of places: CRM systems, sales systems, email marketing systems, spreadsheets and a ton more. This presents a huge problem: How to comply if I don’t even know everywhere that a person’s data might lurk?

We’re developing a tool to help you minimize the data privacy compliance risk: Golden Record. Golden Record ties together records from all sorts of sources, letting you know all the systems where a contact’s data resides. You get the ability to handle questions from one place. Just as importantly, Golden Record’s algorithms work even if your data sets don’t all share a common customer number.  Think about it, how many of the spreadsheets that hold customer data also have the customer ID in them?

Want more information on how record matching and a tool like Golden Record can help protect you from incurring expensive fines? Let’s talk! You can reach me at or via LinkedIn.

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