Data analytics for nonprofits: leverage data to fulfill your mission

For decades, the for-profit world has known how to collect and use data about their customers to grow business. While nonprofits often do not have the resources to build custom systems for data analytics, they still have the same needs.

With so many web-based CRM, donor management, and fundraising tools available, the data collection part has become easy! Like many nonprofits, you probably keep data about your constituents spread across multiple systems and spreadsheets. As convenient as these systems are, it can be difficult to see the big picture in your data. For example, is the Bob Smith from your donor management system the same as the B. Smith who attended your spring fundraiser?

Without the ability to integrate and analyze the data you collect, nonprofits like yours can miss all sorts of outreach opportunities and they can duplicate efforts at added expense.

Nonprofits can benefit from data analytics

Built for nonprofit data (literally)

Golden Record was spun out of a data analytics consulting project with a large nonprofit museum. We figured out how to tie dozens of data sources together, including their donor CRM, event ticketing system, and about 20 spreadsheets. Afterwards, we went on a mission to build a cost-effective data matching system that any nonprofit can use. The result is Golden Record.