Data matching solution for any business or organization

No matter your size or industry, you probably keep a lot of different information stored in different systems, spread across different departments. Golden Record is a data matching solution designed to work with any type of data, from an unlimited number of sources.  Learn more about how different industries can benefit form Golden Record, below.

We can customize a data matching solution to fit your unique needs

The same data-matching experts who built Golden Record can help you put it to good use. Check out our wide range of data consulting services.

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For Community Action Agencies

Golden Record can bridge the gap between systems to help you get an accurate count of individuals served, identify services available to individuals, and streamline the reporting process.

Learn about Golden Record for CAAs

CRM integration with Golden Record

For Marketing

Use Golden Record to integrate your CRM data with all your other business systems and attain the coveted and elusive single customer view.

Learn about Golden Record for CRM integration.

Easier database integration with Golden Record

For Data Warehousing

Speed up the time-consuming process of database integration, then keep it integrated to ensure the systems you build have the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Learn about Golden Record for database integration.

Nonprofits can benefit from data analytics

For Nonprofits

Nonprofits can benefit from the type of data analytics for-profits have relied on for decades! Golden Record is the first step. (…and the whole reason we built it!)

Learn about Golden Record for nonprofit data analytics.