Easy-to-use data matching software to link all your business data

Businesses keep a lot of data stored in different systems and applications, across different departments: CRMs, marketing automation platforms, POS systems, electronic product catalogs, event ticket systems, and so much more. Golden Record is data matching software designed to link business data together across any and all of these systems, dedupe and match records, and keep them synced in real time.

Your business has questions—data matching software can answer them.

Big questions. The type of questions you should be able to answer with all the data your company collects.

  • Maybe your sales and marketing teams use two different CRMs. How do you know if sales’ John Smith is the same as marketing’s J. Smith, and if either are the same John Smith who’s purchased from your website three times in the past year?
  • Or maybe your purchasing department sources products from many different vendors. Several offer the same items, but they each have their own electronic catalogs, product numbers, etc. How do you ensure you’re purchasing at the best price?
GR needs data matching software to answer business questions.